Solomon Narh March 02, 2022

Support Refugees at the Hungarian-Ukrainian Border

Food stuffs for the hungarians and ukrainians at the Hungarian borders

We need more support for the refugees who are arriving at the Hungarian borders.

We are driving down to the border points Lónya and Beregsurány almost daily.

Our cars are full of all that they require; toothpaste and toothbrushes, diapers, baby food, bread, sandwich cream, sweets and cookies, shower gel, and lactose and gluten-free stuff as well.


Basically, everything that we can grab our hand on. We would need clothes, especially for children, mostly jackets. Because they are damaged or worn out due to the long walk. Most times, the people who are coming by foot have nothing left. They have spent their last money in order to bribe the Ukrainian border officials to let them through.

So when they are arriving at the Hungarian border, they have nothing left except what they are wearing. Also, many of them have nowhere to go. Even they reach Budapest, they can't afford a hotel.

We are supplying food and clothes to the border and red cross points and to the people directly, but we also need support in order to rent bigger busses to get more people away from the border, mostly up to Budapest. Here we are planning to rent accommodations to provide shelter for them for the first weeks or months. Unfortunately, right now we have only mostly cars instead of busses.

How do we/you support the refugees?

We will need funds to support the refugees who arrive at the Hungarian border from Ukraine by providing the following essential goods.

  • Food and beverage: Food items include breads, sandwiches, sweets and cookies, and etc. We also supply baby food and food for special diets (e.g., lactose-free and gluten-free).
  • Every day items: Shower gels, tissue papers, toothpastes, toothbrushes, diapers for babies, and so on.
  • Clothing: Many refugees, especially children, arrive without enough clothes to wear due to the long walk before reaching the border and a lack of financial resources.
  • Basically anything that we can get our hands on: Most refugees arrive at the border with pretty much NOTHING on them. They could only bring few necessities with them, and by the time they reach Hungary, they are left with no basic commodities and no money. Not mentioning that many of them had to spend their last money on bribing the Ukrainian border officials to let them cross the borders.
  • Transportation and accommodation: For the next step, we also plan to support the refugees with a safe place to stay in the initial weeks/months after their arrival in Hungary. To achieve this goal, we will need funds to improve our options for transportation (for now, we could only afford small cars instead of buses) and to find safe shelters/accommodations for them to stay.

Thank you for your support.




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