Solomon Narh February 15, 2022

The next 'Dead by Daylight' executioner is Sadako from the Ring establishment

She'll bring a more mental playstyle to matches.

Dead by Daylight is no more peculiar to high-profile hybrids. Symbols like Leatherface, Freddy Krueger and Pyramid Head from Silent Hill are only a portion of the characters that have joined the game's list in the years since its delivery in 2016. Furthermore, now you can add Sadako from Kōji Suzuki's faction exemplary loathsomeness novel Ring to that rundown.

She'll join Dead by Daylight on March eighth when designer Behavior Interactive deliveries the Sadako Rising DLC. The studio didn't share many subtleties on the game's most recent playable executioner other than to guarantee she'll welcome a more prominent accentuation on mental frightfulness to the matches she's a piece of. Dave Richard, the inventive overseer of Dead by Daylight, said Sadako, known as The Onryō in-game, utilizes some "dreadful and amazing" interactivity mechanics.

If you’re a fan of the Ring franchise, you can also look forward to the DLC adding Yoichi Asakawa as a playable survivor. If you’ve seen the original 1998 Japanese adaptation of Ring, you may remember Yoichi as the only character to survive his encounter with Sadako. He’s now an adult and a marine biologist in search of answers. It’s an unusual way to continue the story of a character but Behavior Interactive received the blessing of the Kadokawa Corporation, the company that produced the Ring films, to do so.

Sadako Rising will be available to play on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Stadia and PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store and Windows Store.




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